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SYNTAJ produces highly developed flooring systems on the basis of most modern raw materials. Our floor systems combine technical advantages with economic efficiency.

Quality means first of all compatible for health and environment. The conception of all our products is based on this principle from the very beginning. SYNTAJ products shall give to the contractor, the user and the investor advantages in the long term. To the contractor due to an easy and environmental-fair use of the products, to the user due to safety, look and durability of the floor, to the investor due to economical solutions.

SYNTAJ floor systems are adapted for a broad range of applications: food industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, labs, clean rooms, kitchen, bakeries, schools, hospitals, shops, supermarkets, watch industry, electronics, mechanical industry, etc.

In close co-operation with our customers and suppliers we constantly adapt the formulas of our products according to the newest progress in science and technology.

Our floor systems have versatile properties: Decorative, easy to clean, anti-slip, heat resistant, conductive, wear resistant, high loads, chemically resistant, elastic, seamless, comfortable, economical, colourful, ecological, durable, safe.

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